Why is Flame Resistant Clothing important for people working in a hazardous environment?

The wearing of flame-resistant (FR) clothing is one of the most crucial factors for companies seeking to comply with industry safety regulations & voluntary performance standards. People working in hazardous work environments are prone to the risk of explosions or flash fire. Situations, where there’s a risk of explosion or flash fire most commonly, requires a form of Flame Resistant (FR) protective clothing. Moreover, workers can also experience an “arc flash;” this can directly or indirectly lead to a garment fire. Such fires often result in severe injury or even death.

The type of clothing one chooses to wear can play a huge role for people exposed to such incidences. Read on to understand why flame resistant clothing is important for people working in hazardous.

Works as Self-extinguishers or Resists Ignition

FR clothing typically protects workers by working as self-extinguishers for people when they’re exposed to flame. It reduces the extent of burn injuries as well as provides workers with valuable escape time. Most severe burn injuries are caused due to workers wearing non-FR clothing, which leads to igniting and continues to burn long after the heat source has been removed. By wearing Flame Resistant clothing, one can significantly prevent instances like these.

Reduces Severity of Injuries

Whenever there’s a fire or explosion, FR clothing dramatically reduces the severity of the injuries. However, it doesn’t completely eliminate the risk of burn injury. These Flame Resistant wear are designed to protect the wearer by enabling them to get away from the heat source. The fabric of this clothing serves as a barrier between the flash fire & skin of the wearer, which reduces the level of energy transmitted onto the skin surface.

The fabric of the FR clothing does not melt on the skin, which is usually seen when a worker is wearing clothing made of or blended with, synthetic materials. Also, in case of an arc flash incident, Flame Resistant clothing helps to mitigate the overall extent of the injury.

Complies with Industry Standards

Investing in FR clothing for your workers will not just protect your workers, but your company will also comply with State and Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. According to these standards, employers are required to protect employees from hazards in the workplace. Compliance with these standards is vital for protecting your company’s safety record as well as for its financial bottom line. Without a proper Flame/fire Resistant program, you are more likely to get in trouble of sanctions and other penalties.

Improves Employees Morale & Productivity

The most crucial part of any job is a worker’s personal safety. When an employee feels that their company is taking measures to ensure its employees are protected, and their physical well-being is taken care of; it significantly boosts their motivation, which results in better performance. Employees working in hazardous work environments where no measures are taken for their safety tend to feel less motivated & less-efficient. This lost of productivity eventually cost employers loss of thousands of dollars.


Therefore, it is extremely important for employers, safety managers, and employees to understand that Flame Resistant clothing wear serves as the last line of defense for end-users in case of flash fires & explosions. However, careful consideration is required to ensure that you choose appropriate flame resistant clothing which is suitable for the type of activities conducted by the workers.

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