All about the Types of Safety Clothing Construction Workers Wear

Whenever we think of construction workers, we imagine them wearing their yellow hard hats & reflective vests, but there’s a lot more to their clothing than that.

Construction workers typically wear functional work pant with plenty of accessible pockets, work boots with toe & slip protection, and a work shirt as per the climate. Also, it is imperative for them to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) to meet certain safety standards. Besides PPE, the type of clothing a construction worker wear can also contribute to their overall safety & can significantly impact how functional they are on a construction site.

Let’s take a closer look at the types of safety clothing construction workers wear.

Work Pants

The pants that are worn by construction workers typically vary from job to job & climate to climate. Of course, all workwear pants need to be tough enough to handle a worksite. Here are some common types of work pants you might see at a construction site:

Canvas Work Pants – These work pants are heavy-duty & durable. They can stand up to a worksite but can also be stiff & hot.

Cargo Pants – These pants come with extra pockets. Construction workers who prefer to maximize pockets usually turn to work cargo pants. Extra pockets can make a worker’s life much easier.  

Ripstop Pants – Some workers don’t like wearing heavy-duty canvas duck cotton pants as they find them too stiff & warm. But the problem is, they still need something durable. So, these workers often turn to ripstop pants as they are made with the material, which helps prevent tears.

Flex Pants – These pants have become very popular over the past few years. Many construction workers like heavy-duty work pants with a bit of stretch. These pants are made with a combination of cotton and spandex, but still, they need toughness to stand up on the construction site.

Work Shirts

Work shirts can vary a lot, depending on the job. Some worksites require high visibility shirts, while some jobs may require flame-resistant material or some other types of safety shirt. But in general, outside of these requirements, some workers just wear basic shirts that are appropriate for the climate.

Some construction workers may prefer a button-front shirt with a chest pocket & a pencil pocket. However, the most significant factor that impacts the type of work shirt worn by a construction worker is the weather.

Hot Weather – Some work shirts are lightweight, moisture-wicking, and may even have cooling properties.

Cold Weather – Many construction workers, wear a base layer when the weather turns extremely cold. This base layer helps to trap heat but don’t add much weight or make them feel bulky.

Work Jacket

Workwear jackets are essential for construction workers, especially during winters. These workwear jackets are not just durable but functional as well. Of course, certain jobs may require flame-resistant jackets or other types of safety jackets.

Most workwear jackets are made with duck cotton canvas fabric that provides toughness and features both internal & external pockets. Some types of jackets that a construction worker might wear include:

Duck Canvas – It is quite common to see workwear jackets that use the durable canvas outer shell. Some workers even opt for a pre-washed shell that gives it a more broken-in feeling on the first wear.

Hooded – Not all work jackets come with a hood, but a hooded jacket is critical for some climates.

Shirt Jackets – Some workers prefer a lighter-weight jacket for mild temperatures. Thus, you may find many workers wearing a canvas shirt jacket, while others may turn to a hooded flannel shirt jacket. This typically depends upon how heavy-duty the worker needs the jacket to be.

Equipped with all this information about the types of safety clothing construction workers wear, hopefully, you are now in a better position to buy the right safety clothing as per your job’s requirement!


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