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Carpenter Workwear

5 Important things you should know about Workwear for Carpenters

Working as a carpenter on large projects demands a lot of knowledge, expertise & coordination. At the same time, it also places considerable demands on the workwear designed specifically for carpenters. Workwear for carpenters is designed with unique features that distinguish them from other clothing types. Workwear clothing for carpenters typically:

  • Provides knee protection
  • Has many pockets
  • It is wear-resistant
  • It is suitable for all kinds of weather.

If you are still confused as to why carpenters need specific clothing for the job, this article is for you. Here we will talk about the important things you should know about workwear carpenters, why there’s a need.

They have superior strength & durability

Carpenter workwear is both strong & durable as they are frequently worn by construction workers & carpenters, or by many of whom work laborious jobs. Constructions workers & carpenters usually prefer carpenter workwear pants over traditional jeans because of their long-lasting qualities. The carpenter workwear clothing allows these blue-collared workers to wear them for long periods comfortably. They are designed with an emphasis on strength & durability, which thereby protects them from premature wear & tear. Thus, they are considered as having superior strength & durability over other clothing types.

They come with carrying loops

When comparing traditional clothing to carpenter work pants, you’ll probably notice that the latter have loops, whereas the former doesn’t. With these loops, you can easily carry tools, as well as other small items. Professional construction workers & carpenters often use these loops to carry hammers & other tools. Rather than wearing a tool belt, you can simply slide the bottom of a hammer through the top of the carrying loop on your carpenter work pants. The head of the hammer will catch the top of the carrying loop, thereby preventing it from falling all the way through.

They have deep pockets

Not only do carpenter workwear clothing features carrying loops, but they also have exceptionally deep pockets. Carpenter clothing is specifically designed with deeper pockets than most other types of jeans or work trousers. These deep pockets allow the worker to store & carry more items at a time. Carpenter work pants/jeans have a similar pocket configuration as other types of jeans & trousers. The only difference is, instead of shallow pockets, they have deep pockets. So, even if you wear them for leisure, you can take advantage of their deep pockets.

They are easy to maintain

Carpenter workwear clothing is very easy to maintain. While you can always get them dry cleaned, this isn’t necessary. Carpenter clothing items are easily washable in machine, which implies that you can conveniently wash them in the washing machine along with your other garments. However, it is advised that you should check the care tag for specific washing instructions prior to washing your workwear clothing. These care tags provide specific instructions on how to wash, dry and otherwise maintain them. Nonetheless, you will probably discover that it is safe to clean your carpenter clothing in the washing machine.

They are comfortable

One of the significant benefits of wearing carpenter clothing is they are very comfortable. Carpenter work pants are made with softer denim than other types of jeans. They are typically made of cotton-based denim, but it is softer & gentler denim than that of other types of jeans. These clothing items are also designed to fit loosely when worn; they don’t sit tightly against your body. These pants rather have a loose, baggy construction. With their super-soft denim & loose-fitted construction, carpenter workwear clothing are incredibly comfortable to wear — even for long & extended periods.

These important features show why it is important to wear specifically designed carpenter workwear clothing for the job. As when a clothing piece makes you feel comfortable & is useful, it helps you to be more productive at your job!


Blaklader introduces new CORDURA denim work pants

Blaklader is redefining a category by introducing their take on classic denim work pants. The Blaklader 1659 CORDURA denim work pants are four times stronger than regular denim and include features such as large cargo pockets and internal kneepad pockets.

In standard Blaklader pants, the functionality like external kneepad pockets, two-tone CORDURA reinforcements and the external pockets are clearly visible. The CORDURA denim takes a quieter approach while still keeping the core functionality. Instead of durable reinforcements, the base material is made from a blend of cotton denim fibers and the ultra-durable CORDURA.

The pants include other functional features like the kneepad pockets, except they are sewn inside the pants, offering a modern take on a classic workwear preference. Tool-bearing carpenter’s pockets are also located on the legs of the pants.

Blaklader has made its name developing workwear built specifically to benefit tradespeople. The CORDURA denim 1659 workpants is no exception. With a loose fit and comfortable feel, they seem like a nice pair of jeans but made to withstand the toughest work environments. The pants combine a modern appearance with workday functionality, efficient design and craftsman quality.  Other functionality includes:

  • Internal kneepad pockets
  • Button fly
  • Loops, one with D ring
  • Inner leg seam with triple stitching
  • Leg pocket with inside ruler and pen pockets, leg pocket with flap and telephone pocket, leg pocket with zipper

For more information on Blakalder’s CORDURA denim pants and other products, go to https://workwear-usa.com/shop/


Blaklader has developed FR workpants that have contractors rethinking workwear. The1636 FR pants are tested and compliant with NFPA 70E and are HRC 2 with an 11.7 calories/cm2 arc rating. Professionals are not only protected from arc flash exposure; the inclusion of built-in kneepads and exterior tool pockets provide added protection throughout the day while saving time and trips to the toolbox. 

Since 1959, Blaklader has been using high-quality fabrics and durable materials to produce quality workwear for all types of tradesmen. The 1636 pants are Blaklader’s first step into US approved FR products. Electricians and other tradesmen exposed to arc flash can now have workwear that meets the ASTM FR certifications with the functionality and durability of the Blaklader brand. Blaklader garments are designed to last longer and withstand more washes than the average garment. The durability and functionality of Blaklader sets this workwear apart from other workwear.

Core features of Blaklader workwear include:

  • Two exterior utility pockets for tools and fasteners which can be hidden when not in use
  • Reinforced fabric in high-wear areas
  • Bellowed front and back pockets for easy tool carrying
  • Pencil pocket and secure wallet pocket
  • Raised hammer loop
  • Reinforced ruler pocket
  • Quality YKK zipper
  • Mobile phone pocket
  • Triple stitching on all major seams

For more information on Blakalder’s FR pants go to workwear-usa.com/product-category/flame-resistant/  


A new line of highly durable, functional, high-visibility (hi-vis) workwear is hitting the market. Workwear manufacturer Blaklader has made its name using quality fabrics and skilled craftsmanship to produce long-lasting efficient workwear for all types of tradesmen. Now, they’re stepping into the realm of hi-vis clothing with shorts, pants, jackets and vests that meet American National Standards Institute (ANSI) 107 requirements for mining, airlines, government construction, road construction and more.

Because ANSI 107 approved workwear is such a common requirement, purchasing officers commonly buy cheaper clothing items to cut the expense. But Blaklader is shedding new light on the workwear budget: Higher quality fabrics and reflective tape last longer and look better than discount alternatives. Blaklader garments are designed to last longer and withstand more washes than the average hi-vis garment. Toward the end the lifecycle, other garments look faded and dark, leading to safety concerns and an unprofessional appearance. Blaklader’s workwear features high-quality fabrics and 3M® reflective tape that stand out in a crowd and keep crews safe for the long haul.

The hi-vis line consists of workpants, shorts, vests and jackets that all meet various ANSI 107 classes. Even the industry-leading X1600 workpants are available in hi-vis. The ANSI 107 Class 1 compliant pants use CORDURA® leg shields that extend up to the thigh and down to the shin for added jobsite protection. CORDURA is a highly durable fabric made by Invista and commonly used in tactical gear and outdoor sports clothing.

In all Blaklader pants, kneepad inserts fit under CORDUA on the leg. Other jobsite functionality includes exterior utility pockets for carrying fasteners and tools without a tool belt and triple-stitched seams that are guaranteed for the life of the garment. If seams tear, Blaklader will replace the garment free of charge.

Jackets are ANSI Class 3 and wind and waterproof, built with multiple layers for warmth, breathability and protection. Both the winter jacket and the shell jacket include chest pockets with waterproof zippers and convenient arm pockets.

Blaklader also offers shorts and vests that meet ANSI class 2 with durable fabric blends that stand up to the toughest conditions.

For more information on Blakalder’s hi-vis line go to https://workwear-usa.com/product-category/high-vis/