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Important Factors to Keep in Mind While Buying Workwear Clothing

When you work as a carpenter, construction worker, mechanic, or a commercial fisherman, you need to pay special attention to what you’re wearing to work. You need to wear clothes that not only fit you perfectly but are also made to stand the rough & tough nature of your job. So, why not spend on the premium quality workwear that provides reliable protection & won’t fall apart after a few washes or couple of weeks of work? Protective workwear clothing is arguably an essential kind of clothing around. After all, these clothing items enable you to get things done safely & comfortably. At least that’s the case when you have the right workwear uniforms.

However, if you’re confused about buying workwear, we are here to help. In this article, we have covered the most significant factors that you must keep in mind while buying workwear clothing.

Consider the Requirements of the Job/Task

A key mistake that organizations usually make is adopting a generic approach while allocating workwear & PPE, rather than actually considering the specific needs of the job at hand.

Giving hi-vis work jacket, a hard hat & some safety gloves to your workers for every task is not enough; you must always carry out a proper risk assessment & ensure that the equipment you provide truly fits for the purpose. This implies that you need to think about the specific risks your staff will be exposed to & for how long, and then invest in the protective gear that will provide comprehensive protection, from their head, body & limbs through their eyes, ears & lungs.

You must also ensure that the protective workwear clothing you purchase fits your workers comfortably & securely, as ill-fitting clothes can be less effective in providing protection and can also hinder the worker’s productivity. Additionally, ensure that any protective equipment that you’re buying can actually be used together – for example, if a pair of safety glasses might disturb the seal of a respirator, so they shouldn’t be worn at the same time.

Be Aware of the Relevant Regulations

Not all items of protective equipment are created equal. Certain regulating authorities have set strict rules in place to ensure that any protective workwear clothing used in professional circumstances is fit for the purpose, and it is important to follow these rules at all times. Thus, you should buy products that are marked approved under the Personal Protective Equipment Regulations set by the regulating authority in your area. Additionally, you must also keep abreast of changes in the legislation that might affect the PPE policies.

Therefore, to avoid falling foul of any of these laws, it is important to ensure that you buy from a trusted supplier of legally compliant Personal Protective Equipment.  

Provide Appropriate Training

Not every protective workwear item is necessarily self-explanatory, so if you invest in protective equipment for your workforce, it is also important to take time to ensure that your workers are well-trained to use them. Provide proper training to your workers to instruct them on key issues such as how to securely fasten their safety harnesses, how to remove safety gloves without contaminating their skin, etc. These sessions will also allow you to explain when equipment should be used, the limitations of it, and how to use & maintain the equipment without accidentally damaging it.

Additionally, such training session gives you the opportunity to make sure that all your staff members are educated about & bought into the necessity of using protective clothing. It can be all too easy for workers to relax about using their workwear clothing, especially for shorter jobs, so taking time to teach them about why they need to use the gear can make a real difference.

Good health & safety at the workplace requires continual investment & monitoring, and PPE & workwear clothing is certainly no exception to that – so make sure that you stay on top of this!