DETAILS: Blåkläder embroidery back. Plastic zipper fly. Inside leg seam with double stitching. Loops, one with D ring. FINISH: Leg bottom with CORDURA reinforcement. FUNCTIONALITY: Pre-bent knees. Stretch panels. LAUNDERING ADVICE: No dry-cleaning. MAIN MATERIAL: Crafts. Black. Stretch. Men. MAIN PROPERTIES: Bricklayer / Tile layer. POCKETS: Back pockets with bellow, reinforced. Knee protection pockets with two placement level options and velcro closure. Thigh pocket with zipper. Ruler pocket with extra pocket. Side pockets. REFLEX: Reflective details. REINFORCEMENT: CORDURA reinforced nail pockets, back pockets, ruler pocket, leg pockets, knees and hem

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Weight2.11 lbs

Black, Navy blue, Stone


30:28, 30:30, 30:32, 30:34, 32:28, 32:30, 32:32, 32:34, 34:30, 34:32, 34:34, 34:36, 36:30, 36:32, 36:34, 36:36, 38:30, 38:32, 38:34, 38:36, 40:30, 40:32, 40:34, 40:36, 42:30, 42:32, 42:34, 44:30, 44:32, 44:34, 46:30, 46:32, 46:34, 48:30, 48:32, 50:30, 50:32



2 reviews for 1690: Blaklader US RipStop Pants

  1. Peter Kaufman (verified owner)

    The pants are very good. Comfortable/roomy. Jobsite crouching and crawling is easier. The fabric is light and tough. I’ve purchased two pair (after having purchased two pair of the ripstop shorts. I do recommend them both.

    The fit and the kneepad matching proved a bit surprising/challenging. Maybe this will help…

    I bought 34/32. I knew from buying the shorts that the 34 was loose in the waste. I took that in with my horrid sewing skills. But the inseam is the real challenge. The rise (top of waist band to the point where the inner leg seam starts is 10″ (plus a bit of the stretch fabric). The actual inseam of the pants is 30″ on the 34×30. The 32″ was too long (I cut and re-hemmed the pair of 34/32’s. Missed by a bit and now own a slightly short pair and a proper fitting pair.

    I still can’t figure out why there are two belt loops sewn on at an angle. Is it style or substance?

    I bought the 4011 kneepads first. They are too short; If place at the bottom of the pocket, the don’t protect my knees when I use my knee to push cabinets/millwork into place on site. If I put them in the higher inner pocket, I kneel with out the protection. Ow. These were also too wide to fit well in the pocket. I trimmed them down in width.

    Then I ordered the 4018 knee pads. I can just barely get these into the pockets at all. I’ll trim them a little, try them, then see how they do. They need to be the length of the full pocket and fit the width well. There are some bar stitches that reduce the useable width… Maybe one size does not fit all, as suggested.

  2. Doug (verified owner)

    I have been only wearing these on the job for the last six months. I am up to five pair of pants and two pair of shorts.
    These are great pants. Being able to have internal knee pads are just wonderful. They wash well and a crazy tough with out being stiff. I will be a customer for many years to come. I have not had one blaklader product that I have not been totally thrilled with.

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