afety Clothing for Construction Workers

Everything You Should Know About Choosing Safety Clothing for Construction Workers

If you belong to the construction industry where your employees need to work under challenging conditions, you must ensure they are wearing the right kind of safety clothing required for their job. For instance, if your employees need to perform duties in inclement weather, buying a weather-proof garment for safety is crucial. Or if they are doing something, where they should be identifiable by others from a distance, they must wear something which is bright & reflective. It won’t be wrong to say that ignoring such assessments can lead an employer into some major legal troubles.

Read on to understand everything you should know about choosing safety clothing for construction workers.

Choosing High-Visibility Garments

There are a lot of factors such as size, fit, color & design that can influence the choice as you need to consider different aspects in detail while making a choice. For instance, choosing large-size bright clothing, especially the one covering the body from all directions, can be better than a small one. And for colors, your focus should be on the stripes featuring on arms, waist & legs. These can be excellent visual clues for the other person on the same premises. The industry experts often tell employers to choose workwear clothing with contrasting colors & stripes for more visibility.

Other than these, features like comfort, flame resistance, water resistance, breathability & flexibility are also important. The clothes need to fit the employee so that they can perform their duties safely without any interruption. When it comes to fitting, you need to ensure it’s comfortable to wear. Roughness, sharp edges & dangling items often lead to irritation & injuries.

Furthermore, the brightness of the safety clothing is also critical. While making a choice, you must be aware that bright colors are more suitable for the daylight, and fluorescent tones work better in low light conditions, such as dawn & dusk.

Apart from this, the safety standard about the use of stripes & bands is also apparent. The garment should include a horizontal line or band around the waist covering the full body. It should have two stripes running vertically from the shoulders to the trunk in the front & a symmetric “X” design on the backside of the cloth. It should also cover shoulder & waist areas.

Among these things, make sure to check the color of the background material as well. It has to be either fluorescent yellow-green, fluorescent red, or fluorescent red-orange. If it uses bright tones, the choice of colors can be between orange-red & yellow-green.

Other Important Point to Consider

Some companies can also use retro-reflective material in garments. This material is well-known for sending back the light from where it comes. If the wearers are exposed to the light beam, drivers can quickly notice them. This material is usually more functional in low-light conditions. However, you should not expect it to reflect light by itself; thus, you cannot depend on it in sunny or daytime. Instead, you can choose reflective materials that can quickly reflect the light from its surface & provide better visibility.

There are many online & offline stores that offer high-visibility workwear. So, it won’t be difficult for you to get the right deal. But your primary focus while shopping should be on your workers’ safety. Thus, investing in high-quality clothing is critical. When you take utmost care of your workers’ safety, it will not just keep them safe but will project your company in good light. Consequently, you’ll experience improved workers’ productivity & output.

Moreover, if you cannot visit a physical store for this, you can also check the online stores for extensive collection & reasonable pricing. It will be convenient also!

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