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Craftsmen Clothing-Everything you should know about Buying the Right One!

A craftsman is a skilled person who has special knowledge of his or her own job. Safety is paramount to any craftsmen; thus, craftsmen’s workwear is a very important element in their profession. It not only protects them from the elements but also from hazardous materials that they may come into contact with daily. With the right workwear clothing that is designed specifically to protect their skin and keep them comfortable, they can be sure to get the most out of every day at work. We’ve put together a blog post on everything you need to know about craftsmen’s clothing so that you don’t have any questions when it comes time to buy!

Importance of Right Workwear Clothing for Craftsmen

It goes without saying that the right work clothes and safety equipment are of utmost importance for craftsmen, but what does this mean? What are you looking for when it comes to apparel as a tradesman or craftsman worker? Let’s look at some points.


Firstly, choosing the material, your clothing is made from should be a priority if you want them to last. Here we’ll just focus on two materials in particular – cotton and polyester/poly-cotton blend. Cotton has long been used by crafters because of its strength against most chemicals (although not acid) and how breathable it can be under heavy wear conditions; however, there have been issues with shrinkage turning garments see-through after being worn washed once or twice. Poly-cotton blend clothing is a good alternative as it has many of the properties required for working in harsh conditions, such as being durable and strong. These qualities come at the expense of breathability; however, if you plan to wear them indoors or simply don’t want to be in too hot, this might not be an ideal choice either. Workwear USA offers fabrics that have high levels of cotton combined with stretchable materials, which means they will last longer while still keeping your cool when you need it most.


Choosing the color may seem like an odd priority for workwear, but it actually has its benefits. For starters, dark colors will hide stains better than light ones, which means you can get more use out of your clothes before they start to look a little worn and tatty (which is especially important if you are working in construction or other industries where there’s a high risk of being scratched at by sharp tools). Another thing worth considering about darker shades, however, they tend to bend light less when compared to lighter fabrics – this might not be noticeable with everyday wear but comes into play when you’re standing under bright lights as it’ll appear that others can see; by your clothing!


Your workwear clothing should fit well enough so that they don’t leave room for anything else. However, the last thing you want to do is look like someone off of Star Trek by wearing skin-tight cotton blend clothing with all sorts of zips and pockets sticking out everywhere while trying desperately not to trip over yourself on site. Make sure the clothing fits comfortably around your waist so that it doesn’t keep riding up or down when moving about (which can be dangerous in itself). If the craftsman work pants have pockets make sure they are on either side of your hips, not too low or high – nothing worse than having keys jabbing into your ribs all day!

Other Considerations

There are other things that might influence what kind of workwear you choose, such as climate, your company’s uniform policy, etc. But remember, if possible, go with cotton because manmade fibers like polyester won’t absorb sweat which means you could end up with skin irritation after wearing them for long periods of time under heavy conditions. Also, if something gets spilled on your clothing, make sure you know what will happen to it if you don’t have the right workwear fabric. For example, something like oil or even water could stain cotton, which can be hard to remove, meaning more time spent washing and less time working!


As a general rule when choosing work clothes, always consider comfort first; that is why many craftsmen wear work pants with pockets as they are usually very comfortable for most body shapes but still look professional enough (unless, of course, that’s not what you want). In addition, remember safety should also come in as the number one priority because, after all, no matter how cool/comfortable/affordable your apparel may be, if it doesn’t keep you safe, then it’s better off sitting in the back of a closet!